1-on-1 Consultations

Access hard-to-reach expertise across all industries around the globe.


Expertise Has a Shelf-life.

That's why firms depend on Coleman to deliver fresh, relevant and timely access to industry thought leaders.

Whether channel checks, idea generation or to broaden industry knowledge, Coleman’s dynamic network and demanding recruiting practices provide you with easy access to in-demand, first-hand perspectives. You can connect with our experts over the phone or in-person. With over a decade of vastly diverse searches, we are experts at finding experts.

Phone Consultations

Speak with experts for due diligence, idea generation, industry education and channel checks.

In-Person Meetings

Meet with an expert at your office or during your travel for private consultations or site tours.

Conference Meetings

Consult with experts during or after industry conferences. Whether you’re attending or not, get insights from experts who are.


Recent Success Stories

Learn how companies around the globe are using 1-on-1 Consultations to bring value to their research processes.

Hedge Fund’s need for tailored research to uncover advertising trends in the social media industry

A San Francisco-based Hedge Fund wanted to look more deeply into the drivers behind the revenue trends at a social media firm. They looked to Coleman to conduct research into the social media company’s sales and marketing strategies.

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Fast and reliable expertise for US Private Equity firm looking at new wireless communications company in Asia

A Private Equity firm turned to Coleman for insights when they were considering moving forward with an investment deal in a new wireless communications company.

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