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One Platform to Manage all of Your Expert Interactions

In today’s highly competitive investment environment, finding the right information, at the right time is one the most critical ingredients in creating portfolio or business growth. Increasingly, this means sourcing hard-to-find professionals who can provide you with just the right combination of insights and expertise to help you make the right business or investment decision.

To ensure a competitive advantage, many firms maintain their own database of Experts or engage Expert Networks. But managing all those professional connections can be complex, time-consuming and expensive. Especially while complying with data privacy, MiFid II and other regulations.

Coleman’s Expert Relationship Management (ERM) SaaS platform mitigates the current time consuming, manual processes and replaces them with a platform that consolidates all Expert relationships in one interface, whether they come from internal networks or third parties.

Peace of Mind

Best-in-class compliance tools mean you are able to easily implement and report on GDPR and internal compliance rules

Better Research Results

Advanced AI search capabilities help you quickly find Experts you are looking for so you don't need to comb through multiple databases

Time and Cost Efficiencies

Centralized platform enables you to manage all aspects of your Expert research data and workflows through a single, digitized dashboard


Coleman ERM Capabilities


Easily enter all your ongoing research projects in a centralized database

Coleman ERM enables you to manage all your research projects more efficiently.
Easily on-board new Experts for projects through a self-registration page and give these proprietary Experts the ability to maintain their profiles through the ERM portal.
You can now retain knowledge for all current and former research projects and view your entire universe of Experts, previous projects, and Expert interactions through one centralized dashboard, which enables you to save time on new research engagements.




Find relevant Experts in your network through advanced search

Coleman ERM's enhanced search protocols result in better search results. Advanced AI search technology gives you the ability to conduct a search of Experts and project history to find relevant Experts in your network faster. You can also establish filters to view only compliance-approved results.




Vet and pre-approve Experts for projects to ensure they are the right match

Coleman ERM enables you to easily create and distribute vetting surveys to qualify Experts. The platform allows you to store and index these vetting responses for future reference.




Maintain internal compliance during interactions and adhere with data privacy regulations

Coleman ERM enables you to enforce compliance by allowing you to program compliance rules and questionnaires to ensure only approved interactions take place, silently monitor consultations on the platform's phone bridge, and report on interactions. The platform also helps ensure data privacy requirements, such as GDPR and CCPA, are met. 




Take the back-and-forth out of scheduling by automatically finding mutually convenient times for interactions

Coleman ERM helps you seamless scheduling interactions between your Analysts and external Experts by automatically finding mutually convenient times for parties and facilitating interactions on the platform’s phone bridge for easy tracking and reporting.




Easily Pay Experts directly for interactions

Coleman ERM enables you to facilitate Expert payments globally through Expert payment profiles, which are automatically populated with consultation time for accurate invoicing.




Comprehensive reporting for compliance, analytics, and cost management

Coleman ERM reporting provides real-time visibility into current projects and the ability to utilize data, including Expert ratings, from past interactions on new engagements. It also enables you to aggregate spending across all networks.




Aggregate Expert profiles submitted by third parties and your own internal network

Coleman ERM automatically consolidates Expert profiles submitted by third parties and your own internal network. A single dashboard of available Experts saves time previously spent sifting through and comparing multiple vendor emails and spreadsheets.




A Flexible Platform to Adapt to Your Business Needs


Our modular APIs allow for easy integration with existing platforms of only the components you need

Salesforce & CRM

Salesforce Activity feed and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration remove unnecessary data entry

Business Intelligence

Robust reporting API allows you to analyze and visualize your interactions data in your preferred BI tool

Single Sign-on

SSO capability allows easy access and automatic user provisioning

Data Security

We know your data is mission critical… so we
meet the highest security standards

Data Encryption

Industry standard technology ensures your data is totally secure

Access Controls

Only your firm has access to your private interactions

User Verification

Verified Contacts

Private Interactions

Coleman has no visibility into details of your interactions

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