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(CDAY, Ultimate Software): COVID's Impact on Mid-Market HCM Market Demand & 2020 Growth Outlook

With our expert, we will examine the short, medium, and long-term impact of COVID on demand for HCM solutions in the mid-market space. We will evaluate how Ceridian, and other mid-market HCM providers, have capitalized on market disruption following H&F's acquisition of Ultimate Software. Our expert will give us their insight into market disruption and whether there has been changed messaging to the partner community following the ULTI acquisition. We will examine how CDAY and ULTI's core HCM offerings and ancillary modules compare in terms of relative pricing and value, performance, and functionality versus competitors. We will explore attach rates for Ceridian's offerings, with a view into how they have trended on a year over year basis. We will examine our expert's ULTI business, with a view into UltiPro's Global HCM capabilities, HR, Recruiting, Onboarding, and Payroll offerings, as well as attach rates for each of the modules across the Enterprise, Mid-Market & Strategic spaces. We will examine our expert's pipeline, evaluating CDAY / ULTI sell-through and win rates for the instant quarter. Finally, our expert will discuss Ceridian and ULTI's product direction, the competitive landscape within HCM and offer up a forecast for their Ceridian and ULTI business in 2020.


This call was hosted on May 5, 2020, under the title: "(CDAY, Ultimate Software): COVID's Impact on Mid-Market HCM Market Demand & 2020 Growth Outlook."

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