COVID-19: Gain Critical Insights

During these unprecedented times, it is now more important than ever to have access to insights about the pandemic as well as how it will impact all aspects of industry. Below is a summary of our recent and upcoming Events, or contact us so we can help you get the expertise to help you.

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5/20/2020 6:15:40 PM
The Show Must Go On...In Phases

Covid-19 had the unfortunate effect of temporarily shutting down all stadium facilities across the United States, which resulted in most concerts and sporting events being either canceled or postponed until the end of this year at the very least. Most facilities are in Phase Three of the federal guidelines for reopening the US economy, meaning the live entertainment industry is currently in the process of planning out what the operation of large venues under "limited" social distancing protocols would look like. The industry is evaluating a variety of different factors to keep businesses running, perhaps not as usual, but running at the very least.

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5/8/2020 8:50:43 PM
(FIS FISV JKHY) Former FIS Executive Discusses Core Banking Competition, COVID-19 Impacts and FIS Positioning vs. FISV & JKHY

Join Coleman and our Hosted Event team as we focus on Fidelity National Information Services (FIS), and cover the current & future COVID-19 market impacts, competitive environment versus FISERV (FISV) and Jack Henry (JKHY) as primary competitors in the core banking industry.

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5/8/2020 8:42:11 PM
(PAGS CIEL3 STNE) Former Stelo CEO Discusses the Brazilian Payment Processing/FinTech Space, Market Leaders and 2020 Outlook

Our expert, will delve into the Brazilian Payments/FinTech space and provide an in-depth update on current regulations, competition, trends, strategy and performance of major players and new entrants as well as their outlook for the space with particular regard to market leaders PagSeguro (PAGS), StoneCo (STNE), Stelo-Cielo (CIEL3), MercadoPago (MELI), Redecard, Getnet and others. Plus, we will gather their 2020 outlook for the overall Brazilian Payments/FinTech market given recent COVID-19 impacts.

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5/8/2020 8:31:11 PM
(CDAY, Ultimate Software): COVID's Impact on Mid-Market HCM Market Demand & 2020 Growth Outlook

With our expert, we will examine the short, medium, and long-term impact of COVID on demand for HCM solutions in the mid-market space. We will evaluate how Ceridian, and other mid-market HCM providers, have capitalized on market disruption following H&F's acquisition of Ultimate Software. Our expert will give us their insight into market disruption and whether there has been changed messaging to the partner community following the ULTI acquisition. We will examine how CDAY and ULTI's core HCM offerings and ancillary modules compare in terms of relative pricing and value, performance, and functionality versus competitors. We will explore attach rates for Ceridian's offerings, with a view into how they have trended on a year over year basis. We will examine our expert's ULTI business, with a view into UltiPro's Global HCM capabilities, HR, Recruiting, Onboarding, and Payroll offerings, as well as attach rates for each of the modules across the Enterprise, Mid-Market & Strategic spaces. We will examine our expert's pipeline, evaluating CDAY / ULTI sell-through and win rates for the instant quarter. Finally, our expert will discuss Ceridian and ULTI's product direction, the competitive landscape within HCM and offer up a forecast for their Ceridian and ULTI business in 2020.

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