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"Life at Coleman..." with Katie Lacy

Katie Lacy
Associate Operations Manager


Tell us more about your job. What’s a typical day like in your role?

Day-to-day, I help facilitate consultations between our clients and expert consultants. More broadly, oversee the operations team’s responsibilities, help test new IT product releases, project manage the COVID-19 response for the company, work on initiatives, and more.


What attracted you to work at Coleman Research? How did you know it would be a good fit?

When I joined in 2014, Coleman was a fast-growing company and I saw a lot of potential for career advancement. I was hired to a small team and was impressed by the manager’s own growth within the company.


Tell us about when you’ve felt most proud of your work or colleagues.

This past year, the operations team seamlessly transitioned responsibilities over to the larger global client management team and began taking on new responsibilities to help Coleman Research improve its larger operational functions, all while working from home. It couldn’t have been done without the hard work and dedication put in by each individual team member.


What do you value most about your company’s or team’s culture? What sets it apart from other places you’ve worked?

The company as a whole has worked hard this past year to stay connected while everyone has moved to working virtually. Specifically, I am proud of the operations team’s willingness to step up and help when our assistance has been needed.


How has your company shown appreciation for your work? What kinds of employee achievements are recognized?

I have been presented with amazing career opportunities that have been outside my realm of knowledge, but others knew I had the drive to learn and could excel when given the chance.


What advice do you have for someone in your field applying to jobs at your company?

Show that you are a self-starter and are willing to learn about a unique industry. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!



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