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#ColemanCares - The Green Chair Project

John Irby and Luke Nyland volunteered at the Green Chair Project last month. The Green Chair Project is a 501(c)(3) that provides home furnishings donated from our community for families and individuals who have transitioned from experiencing homelessness or disasters and have secured sustainable housing. The reusable gifts are cleaned and repaired by volunteers and are presented in a way that promotes dignity and respect. For a small fee, families working with case managers from partnering agencies can select furniture, linens, cookware and accessories to outfit their new homes. The Green Chair experience encourages families to prioritize and make choices and empowers them to create their surroundings and rebuild their lives. John and Luke provided all kinds of help including assisting the front of house teams, moving furniture, helping customers, and learning more about the important work they do in the community.


Luke Nyland – "John and I chose this charity because we'd heard of the important work they do through mutual friends. That feeling was immediately confirmed when we arrived and met their extensive staff (many of whom come from difficult backgrounds). GCP allows vulnerable families, some of whom are previously homeless, the dignity to choose furniture that will furnish their future homes. We really enjoyed helping their staff move furniture and understanding the joy on clients' faces when they realize what a new couch or kitchen set can do for their livelihood."


John Irby – "I had volunteered at the Green Chair Project while in college when they first moved to the warehouse they are still in now. It was very rewarding then and the good feeling of doing so always stuck with me. When the opportunity to give back to the community through Coleman's CSR program presented itself, it was a no brainer to give back through volunteering at the Green Chair. In the years since I had first volunteered, they have expanded the operation and are now able to serve more families and give back even more. They help families transitioning out of homeless or dealing with disaster relief choose furniture and household items to help complete their new spaces in a highly affordable way with a customized shopping experience, empowering them to make their new space their own with a personal touch. Seeing the excitement and appreciation for this service from those benefiting from it is as heartwarming as it gets."    ​


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