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Coleman Research launches Expert Relationship Management Platform


Coleman Research, a leading global provider of primary research, today announced the launch of its Expert Relationship Management (ERM) platform, a SaaS offering that helps research providers and buyside firms manage their interactions with industry experts.  The cloud-based service offers a full solution to manage a database of expert profiles and the workflows associated with managing expert relationships.


Coleman ERM gives subscribers the ability to consolidate all expert profiles in one database, whether they are sourced from internal resources or provided by third party research vendors, including other networks.  This innovative launch comes in response to the growing market demand for a digitized approach to the management of numerous expert interactions.


Kevin Coleman, CEO of Coleman Research, said: “Our buy-side clients have long been telling us how expensive and time-consuming it is for them to keep track of and administer all of their expert interactions from multiple sources.  We are delighted to be able to help our clients efficiently manage their expert research by offering them access to the proprietary technology that we have continually refined over more than fifteen years in the Expert Network research industry.”


Isaak Karaev, Executive Chairman at Coleman Research, added: “Coleman ERM is a powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use solution which offers benefits across multiple users in an organization.  Analysts and associates not only have quicker access to the right expertise, but they also save time through automated scheduling and vetting functions.  Managers and compliance officers’ benefit from integration of company-specific compliance protocols, which streamline adherence to data privacy and related regulations.”





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